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Custom 1960 t bird

Paint Corrections

What are paint corrections?

Paint corrections (buff and polish) is the process of using various machine polishers, types of pads, compounds, and polishes to greatly reduce or remove blemishes in the vehicle's finish, such as oxidation, swirl marks, fine scratches, stains, and water-spot etching.  Correcting a vehicle's finish not only greatly enhances the look of the vehicle, it is a necessary step in the ceramic coating process; to leave the surface completely bare and free of defects to let the ceramic coating bond and cure properly.

Javin in action

Paint Correction Packages

2 Step Paint Correction 7 Year Coating

One Step Paint Correction

Paint enhancement, removing oxidation and minor defects. Ensures paint is smooth for coatings. %10-%20 swirl removal

Starting at $800

1 Step Polish

Two Step Paint Correction

Compound and Polish, removing most defects. %60-%80+ swirl removal

Starting at $1100

Multi Stage Correction

Three Step Paint Correction

Heavy cut compound, compound, and Polish. We will not stop until we know the paint is as swirl and defect free safely as possible.

Starting at $1500


Wet Sanding         Stone Chip Repair        Minor Touch-Up Work       

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