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Mobile Detailing Packages

Interior Detail

Interior Detailing

Starting at $175

Interior Detailing comes standard with a compressed air blow out of all the nooks and crannies, thorough vacuum, a scrub down from top to bottom, a complete steam clean, window cleaning, door jambs, UV protection and everything it takes to get your vehicle looking new again. 

  Note: Shampoo is an add-on

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Exterior Detailing

Starting at $80

Exterior Detailing includes a meticulous multistep wash process to safely clean your car without damaging it. Wheels, tires, wheel wells, door jambs, windows, gas tank inlet, one month paint sealant and tire shine + whatever we can do to get your vehicle to look its best.

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Interior Exterior Bundle

Starting at $240

Interior and exterior bundle, not only will we get the inside of your car looking as good as possible, we will do the exterior too! 

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Add-Ons and Fees

Shampoo ~ $60  Ozone Air Treatment ~ $100

Interior Polish ~ $100  Excess Fur Fee ~ $35

Excess Stains/Filth Fee $35 Engine Bay~ $40

Headlight Restoration ~ $75 Clay Bar ~ $40

Paint Enhancement/1 Month Sealant ~ $200

Trim Restoration ~ $75+

The Back To New Special

Starting at $450

We will spend the majority of the day getting your car back to show room quality. From the engine bay and undercarriage to a paint enhancement/1 year sealant all the way over to expertly treating stains, odors, and refreshing the air vents. Your car will get the complete works, adding so much value you probably won't want to get rid of it.

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